The Daissy Journey

How did we start and why JERSEY cows?

The Beginning: From Hanoi to Saigon then Nha Trang (permanently!)

Passion and dedication to excellence are the driving forces behind our story at Daissy. It all began in 2017 in Hanoi, a city steeped in history, but the real magic started when we found our home in Nha Trang, where dreams took root and blossomed.

Meet Ngan: The Force Behind Our Creations

My name is Ngan. I'm the creator behind our products. I'm often asked if I have a background in Food Science or Biology, given that almost all our creations involve the art of fermentation. Surprisingly, my academic journey led me down a different path. I majored in Economics, Finance, and Accounting during my undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

The Spark of a Fermentation Journey

Back in my university days, I was that student who skipped most lectures to immerse myself in the library, devouring books about health and food. My small kitchen became a laboratory where I experimented with creating healthy foods. It was during this time that I discovered the wonders of Kombucha, Kefir, and other incredible fermented foods.

You might wonder, what drove me to explore this world? The answer is simple: I wanted to improve my own health, which was far from ideal back then. I felt drained of energy and tired almost all the time.

A Turning Point in Brisbane

My journey took a serendipitous turn in my second year in Brisbane. There, I met a Vietnamese PhD student conducting research on cattle nutrition, who would later become my business partner, twelve years down the road. I eagerly accompanied him on his field trips to cattle farms, and my Sunday ritual involved visiting farmers' markets. It was at these markets that I fell head over heels for Jersey milk, yogurt, and cultured butter, all made from the remarkable milk of Jersey cows.

The Birth of Daissy

Since that pivotal moment, I've harbored a deep desire to work with food, to craft exceptional products that I myself would savour. Thus, Daissy was born, initially launched in Hanoi on August 1st, 2017. Two years later, we spread our wings to the south, relocating our brewery to Ho Chi Minh City. And now, our headquarters proudly resides in Nha Trang, because who can resist the allure of the beach?

Why The Name Daissy?

We were drawn to the name Daisy for its reflection of a flower that embodies simplicity, elegance, and timeless beauty. These qualities mirror the essence of our products, crafted from wholesome, natural ingredients to create delightful flavors. In today's swiftly moving world, we trust in the enduring appeal of these values. To elevate the name from the ordinary, we've infused an extra touch of uniqueness by adding another "S" for "SPECIAL".

Embracing Jersey Cows: Our Dairy Venture

In late 2017, a golden opportunity presented itself: the chance to start a dairy farm. Instantly, I knew that we would be raising none other than Jersey cows. Why, you might ask? The Jersey breed, hailing from the British Isles, produces exceptionally thick and creamy milk, naturally rich in protein and fat, unrivalled by any other breed in the world.

In Vietnam, the majority of dairy cows are of the Holstein-Friesian (HF) breed, known for their black and white markings. While they yield a larger quantity of milk, the quality pales in comparison to that of Jersey cows.

Passey: Our Vision for World-Class Dairy

For our farm, our vision is to create natural and delicious world-class dairy products from top-of-the-range milk, right here in our homeland. Thus, Passey was born, embodying our "Passion for Jersey".

Vegan Coconut Yogurt: A Hit Beyond Expectations

In early 2020, we launched our first product in HCMC: vegan coconut yogurt. What's remarkable is that this creamy delight became an instant sensation, capturing hearts and palates across the city’s diverse expat community.

What’s more surprising was that it was not only loved by vegans but also non-vegans as well. The magic lay not in extensive marketing campaigns, but in the quality of our product. We believe we were the first to craft this exceptionally smooth and creamy yogurt on a commercial scale in Vietnam.

Our Shop in Thao Dien: A Hub of Indulgence

Our newly rented shop in Thao Dien is currently undergoing a remarkable transformation. By the end of this month, November 2023, our doors will swing open to a world of pure indulgence. Our entire range of products, carefully crafted with natural, whole food ingredients, will be available.

But that's not all. Picture yourself indulging in sourdough ciabatta paired with luscious cashew cheese, a sensory experience like no other. And the excitement doesn't stop there – we'll be churning out fresh ice cream on-site, offering both dairy and vegan flavors, because we believe in catering to all tastes.

Relentless Innovation and Dedication

Our journey has been one of relentless innovation and dedication to quality. We've invested years of intensive research and development, conducting hundreds of trials for each of our products. Every spoonful, every bite is a culmination of our passion for excellence.

We believe that what you hold in your hand should do more than nourish your body; it should delight your senses. So go ahead, savor the experience that is Daissy, and let your taste buds revel in the magic we've crafted. Enjoy the journey!

Thank you so much for reading our story!

Team Daissy