Born in Hanoi, crafted in Nha Trang!

How did we start and why JERSEY cows?

Hi, Ngan here from Daissy. As the product creator, I have often got asked by many of our customers if I have a background in Food Science or Biology since almost all of our products involve fermentation. Well, the answer is I majored in Economics, Finance and Accounting in my under and postgraduate studies.

Back in my (good) old uni days, I skipped most lectures to spend time in the library reading books about health and food as well as experimenting making healthy food in my little kitchen. That’s when I learnt about Kombucha, Kefir and other great fermented foods. What’s it for, you might ask? I simply wanted to improve my health which was pretty bad back then, feeling lack of energy and tired almost all the time. 

In my first year in Brisbane, I met a Vietnamese PhD student doing research on cattle nutrition who would become my business partner 12 years later. I loved accompanying him on his field trips to cattle farms and my Sunday ritual was going to farmers’ markets where I fell in love with Jersey milk, yogurt and cultured butter made from this amazing milk.

Since then, I’ve always wanted to work with food, to create excellent products that I myself enjoy. Daissy was first launched in Hanoi on August 1st 2017, then two years later we expanded to the south, relocating our brewery in HCMC. And now our headquarters is in Nha Trang (Who doesn't love the beach, right?).

In late 2017, an opportunity to start a dairy farm arose and I instantly knew we’d be raising nothing but Jersey cows. Why? A breed originating from the island of the same name (part of the British Isles), Jersey makes exceptionally thick and creamy milk, naturally higher in protein and fat than any other cattle the world over.

The vast majority of dairy cows in Vietnam are the HF breed (black & white cows) which gives a much larger amount of milk but the quality is inferior to that of Jersey’s.

For our farm, we want to make natural and delicious world-class dairy products from top-of-the-range milk right here in the country.

So Passey was born (“Passion for Jersey”). 

We believe what you hold in your hand will delight your senses. Enjoy!