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Kombucha - Grape - Nho - Daissy Whole Foods
Photo of Daissy grape Kombucha after opening. Full of small bubbles, gorgeous purple color.
Nutritional info on Daissy grape Kombucha. Low in sugars and calories.
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Kombucha - Grape - Nho

It takes two to tango… Introducing Daissy Grape Kombucha - the best thing that’s happened to grape since wine!

 Always made with fresh fruit, never from concentrate. Ever.

- Net vol: 330mL

- Ingredients: filtered water (RO), fresh grape (10%), green tea, black tea, cane sugar, SCOBY. 

  •   Slow fermented (30+ days)
  •   Naturally carbonated
  •   Brewed exclusively with RO filtered water
  •   100% raw, unpasteurised, undiluted
  •   All real, natural, premium ingredients
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