We offer FREE SHIPPING on orders from:

1. 250K in Thao Dien

2. 800K that are paid for before shipping to the following districts: 1-11, Binh Thanh, Tan Binh, Phu Nhuan and Go Vap.

For orders under 800K or 250K within Thao Dien, the delivery fees are as follows:

- Area A: Thao Dien Ward: 15,000

- Area B: The rest of D2: 30,000

- Area C: D1, D3, Binh Thanh, Phu Nhuan: 40,000

- Area D: D4, D10, D11, Tan Binh, Go Vap: 50,000

- Area E: D5, D7, Nha Be: 65,000

- Area G: D6, D8, D9: 75,000

For other districts or cities/provinces, please contact us.

If the order is to an apartment or a high-rise building, we'll deliver to the ground floor.

Orders will be shipped the same day if they are placed before 8PM, after which they will be delivered the following day. If you have any special requirements, please let us know in the note section of online ordering.

We use plenty of ice to keep the products cold on the way to you. However, please note that when the delivery person hands you your order, it will be without the ice as it is left at the shipping box.

Our driver will wait for you for 15 minutes upon arriving. If he/she cannot contact you after this time, you order may be cancelled.