Superfood Drinks with a Kick!


How do we make Daissy ginger beer from scratch?

Making ginger beer involves creating a ginger bug (a starter culture), which is then added to a sweetened ginger tea. The mixture is left to ferment for a period, usually around 21 days, allowing natural carbonation to develop.

Crafting Artisanal Ginger Beer

Dive into the world of Daissy ginger beer, a drink that’s not just refreshing but also brimming with superfood goodness. It’s a sparkling journey for your taste buds, delivering a zesty punch with each sip.

Pure Water for a Pure Experience

We start with the basics: water. But not just any water – we use 100% reverse osmosis filtered water to ensure every drop in our ginger beer is as pure as it gets.

Time-Honored Traditions

Our ginger beer comes to life through traditional fermentation, a slow process that takes over three weeks. This patience pays off with a complex flavor profile and a natural, gentle fizziness that’s a hallmark of true craftsmanship.

A Natural Fizz

All of our sodas are naturally sparkling, courtesy of the fermentation process. This isn't your average carbonated drink – it's a bubbly treat born from nature's own rhythm.

The Art of Slow Brewing

We let our ginger beer, galangal soda, and turmeric soda ferment slowly, for more than 21 days, to let the flavors deepen and the live cultures thrive. It’s a waiting game that yields a richer, healthier drink.

Uncompromised Quality

Daissy soda is as honest as it comes – raw, unfiltered, and undiluted. That means you get all the beneficial enzymes, full flavor, and robust body in every bottle.

Simple and Natural

We believe in the power of simplicity. Our recipe features just a few, all-natural ingredients, for a refreshing drink that packs a punch of superfoods.

Enjoy our naturally fermented soda as a tasty way to boost your superfood intake. It’s more than a drink; it’s a healthful indulgence that’s sure to lift your spirits and treat your palate.

 100% Reverse Osmosis filtered water
 Traditionally fermented
Naturally carbonated
Slow fermented (21+ days)
Raw, unfiltered, undiluted
All real, simple, natural ingredients